I love swans

Once upon a time,
 a family of swans lived outside my home,
and it doesn't seem that long ago.

The swans would come to me, and I would feed them.
One day, they didn't come, and the next day they had 5 babies!


My grandkids loved to see them and to feed them.


In the beginning, we needed to go out to the swans,
because it was too dangerous for the parents
to bring their babies across the river.


You could tell that they loved their children.

The children would follow Mother Swan around.
Father Swan was there to protect them.


They were just about the nicest swans I have ever seen!


Don't you agree?


I especially loved Father Swan.
He was my friend.
He would bring his family just to see me.


My husband would feed them.


And Father Swan would eat out of my hand.


But July 17, 2005 was the last day I saw them together.


The next day Father Swan was gunned down where he lived.


Now it is just Mother Swan and her children,
wandering the river, looking for her dead husband.
Watching, waiting, now forever alone.


They still come to see me now and then.


But I really miss Father Swan.
He was my friend.

All images and text Copyright 2005-2017 Lena Howard and Willis Howard.